Douglas Gould and Company is a strategic communications firm dedicated to helping progressive nonprofit organizations and foundations use communications tools to advance important causes.


Media Analysis

To make change you have to understand the moment. Do the people we need to engage and reach comprehend your issues? 

Nonprofits and foundations need quality information to master the current media landscape. We conduct in-depth media analyses to map how issues are framed by print, broadcast and online sources. We identify news hooks, where stories appear, who’s being quoted and determine how coverage could be improved.

Our media analyses cover local, national and international outlets. We classify and analyze the coverage to identify possible opportunities for our clients, and we make strategic recommendations to help them effectively disseminate their messages.

From websites and blogs and to social networking and microblogging sites like Twitter, our analysis can cover a full range of online "social listening," with up-to-the-minute recommendations that help our clients craft messages that reach all their constituents.

Recent media analyses have focused on issues ranging from religion to immigration. Some of our media analyses are available for download in our resources section.

Recent Clients

Internews Europe

Internews Europe supports independent media, freedom of information and free expression around the globe. DG&Co. was commissioned by Internews Europe to research media coverage of children's rights in India, Kenya and Brazil, including TV, newspaper and radio outlets and social media.

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Ford Foundation – For Economy that Works for All

The Ford Foundation’s For Economy that Works for All initiative helps people who care about building an economy that works for all Americans – one that provides profit to business owners and stable jobs with adequate pay and benefits to employees. DG&Co. provided technical assistance and coordination for the initiative, which included media analyses, online advocacy toolkits and training materials.

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TCC Group America's Voice Education Fund

America’s Voice Education Fund (AVEF) is a national nonprofit organization that fights for comprehensive immigration reform. The fund’s goal is to create the public momentum for reforms that will transform a dysfunctional immigration system into an effective and just system. Douglas Gould and Company collaborated with non-profit consultants from TCC Group on an evaluation project for AVEF.

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Arcus Foundation

Dedicated to preserving the world's great apes and their habitats and working for LGBT rights, the foundation's dual role as conservationist and supporters of social justice sheds the light on two underfunded areas. Over the course of three years, DG&Co. provided technical communications assistance to Arcus’ grantees who are promoting the full inclusion of LGBT people in three Protestant denominations.

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Child Advocacy 360

Child Advocacy 360 News Network is an independent, nonprofit service that offers the latest news and insights on children's welfare and rights, with a particular focus on the struggle to conquer abuse and neglect. Together with the Topos Partnership, DG&Co. completed a truly groundbreaking survey for the Child Advocacy 360 Foundation focused on the use of storytelling to mobilize advocates around children's issues.

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